Comments From Participants

These ... guys really know how to teach! The course was the best I've taken anywhere! They were able to take a difficult topic (for most) and make it easy to understand, and they were able to keep the class's interest. I will recomend it to everyone in my department and as an in-house course for our company!

— ( Name withheld by request )

Stan Deming and Stephen Morgan have concisely summarized the concepts and theory of applied statistics, presenting only that theory which is directly applicable to chemical systems. In addition, Profs. Deming and Morgan have distilled from this summary a set of recommendations for shaping a solid quality engineering/management program.

— Steven A. Costello, Dow Chemical

The course provides an excellent, comprehensive view of HPLC as well as sample preparation and HPLC system troubleshooting. A number of the practices mentioned in system maintenance and separation strategy (of method development) will be most useful to me. The statistics presentation successfully explains the relevance of statistics to method development. It is often valuable to know why things are done a certain way, I feel, so this course also fills a number of gaps I had in my knowledge.

— Matt Mulaney, Rohm & Haas Company

The instructors made what I would have considered a dry subject very interesting and an enjoyable experience.

— Lisa Clement, Cargill

The course will help me in many ways as our lab applies for ISO 17025 accreditation. The way the course built up will make it easier to review PT data and to make decisions on method validation packages and corrective actions. Excellent class. I would like to see more staff members take it. It was taught at a very practical level for chemists.

— Cathy Halverson, TTB

Better understanding of basic statistical concepts I've been using for years. Excellent! Glad I took it!!

— Charlie Fix

Very interesting course! It certainly sheds lights on many commonly-used practices! Well presented!

— Yingbo Gua

Dr. Deming has taken a subject, which I found dull and boring in the past, and made it very helpful and interesting. I feel more confident (95%) that I can use what I've learned in the work that I do. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

— Michael Sclimenti

Enjoyed the course very much. Liked how a statistician's point of view was compared to a researcher's point of view. Thought the examples were great because they were relatable. I also liked how concepts were presented visually and not just focused on formulas.

— Emily Miyashita-Lin, Cell Genesys

Good course. I'm formally recommending on-site presentation to [the training director]. Instructors and course materials are top-notch.

— ( Name withheld by request )

This may be the most important course I have ever taken insofar as it equips me to do research thoroughly and efficiently.

— ( Name withheld by request )

Excellent class — Dr. Deming knows the subject very well and has excellent teaching skills. He can make abstract concepts easy to understand. Highly recommended!

— Stephen T. Le, Exxon

The instructors did an outstanding job of maintaining the attention of the participants. I think both instructors have a good understanding of the industry needs and have addressed them well in this course.

— ( Name withheld by request )

I especially appreciated the practical emphasis on this subject — most courses I' ve attended lose the attendees in the math and theory. This one emphasized application.

— J. R. Martin, Dow Chemical

Really found the time invested was well worth it. The instructors were excellent in their ability to translate the math to real world use.

— ( Name withheld by request )

This course dramatically increased my understanding of, and confidence in, statistical design and analysis. This is definitely a first-class course, professionally conducted. I recomend it to anyone.

— ( Name withheld by request )

The course was very informative. Did not anticipate much useful information, but was pleasantly surprised. Great instructors. Having instructors that are not statisticians is helpful. They explain the material without assuming previous knowledge and use relevant examples.

— Mike Vittoria, Naval SWC

I was quite impressed with the knowledge of the instructors, and their being analytical chemists rather than statisticians helped much in the communication.

— ( Name withheld by request )

Actually it exceeded my expectations because I thought I would not be able to grasp the information and I was surprised when I could follow what was going on. Having knowledge of this information has opened some areas up to me. Quizzes and labs were invaluable to get us to use the material. Better way to learn than just lecture.

— Christine Vogel, Naval SWC

The instructors not only presented the material in a clear and logical manner, but made the learning experience fun!

— ( Name withheld by request )

The use of breaks to help retain interest over difficult conceptual ideas was really beneficial. The labs and quizzes kept my interest high.

— ( Name withheld by request )

The width and breadth of subject were amazing. I did not realize just how much more confident I would be after I finished.

— Gary Phillips, Unocal

Don't limit attendance to R&D folks. Manufacturing technical personnel could benefit using these techniques.

— ( Name withheld by request )

The course materials, the lectures, and the textbook all fit together into a coherent picture of the field.

— ( Name withheld by request )