In-House Offerings

Statistical Designs short courses have been presented in-house at more than 100 different client companies and organizations.

Our short courses can be given on site at only a fraction of the cost of sending personnel to open-enrollment courses.

The cost of an in-house course for as many as 10 participants is $4,000.00 per day, plus travel and expenses for each of the two instructors, plus your cost of copying the course notes for each participant (we will lend you a master copy -- we do not make our notes available in electronic form). For courses given to more than 10 participants, there is an additional cost of only $200.00 per additional participant per day. A $1500.00 deposit (applied toward the cost of the course) is required to secure the dates for each course.

The minimum in-house cost is based on a class size of 10 participants. However, many clients decide to hold an in-house course with fewer than the minimum number of participants because the cost is still less than it would be to send as few as three or four of their personnel to open-enrollment courses.

When sponsoring an in-house course, many clients efficiently meet and exceed the minimum class size by inviting key personnel from

When these groups are brought together, goodwill and communication across boundaries are often greatly improved.

Communication is especially enhanced when managers and supervisors take the courses together with all members of their teams. (Without exception, the courses we have given that have had the greatest long-term effect are those in which the managers and supervisors participated.)

We recommend an additional day of consulting (typically eight one-hour sessions, $300.00/hr) immediately after the short course to help the participants transition the content to their specific projects.

Call or text 281-841-3992 to obtain further details, or to reserve available dates.